About us

QRink mobile application is developed and owned by IDAP — a software development company based in Ukraine. We build native applications for iOS, Android, and web platforms since 2012 and have released 200+ projects ever since.

IDAP is a place where ideas transform into and powerful and high-performing digital solutions. When working on a new application, we’re not just looking at what the market is missing out, we’re also digging as deep as possible into the users’ needs, interests, and struggles with software.

The idea of creating an app that would combine a rapid and user-friendly QR scanner with extra features like code generation and processing via easy share menu has come to us after a thorough check of QR tools currently running on the market. That’s how QRink app was born.

We also work with startups, established businesses and well-known brands (such as Coca-Cola, Bayer, Playboy, etc.) in the following domains: e-commerce, logistics, social media, news and entertainment, marketing and others. We are not code-only tech geeks. We are about craving knowledge and sharing it.